A great year for investment treaty disputes

The SCC has emerged as one of the world's leading institutes for the resolution of disputes between investors and states. Today the SCC is the second largest forum in the world for administering investment disputes under its own rules after the dispute resolution organ of the World Bank. See the numbers for 2017 below.

undefinedIn the past four years, the SCC has had a steadily high number of investment treaty disputes. In 2017, eight investment treaty arbitration were administered by the SCC, which represented the fourth highest caseload for investment disputes since 2007.

undefined75% of the investment treaty disputes commenced in 2017 were initiated under the Arbitration Rules. 

undefinedIn total, the SCC has administered 100 investment treaty disputes where 74% was administered under SCC Rules. Most of the investment disputes under SCC Rules arose from bilateral investment treaties and the Energy Charter Treaty.