Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Does it cost extra?

Access and use of the platform are included in the administration fee for all cases. For most cases, storage is also included. A separate storage fee may apply for storage of data beyond a certain limit in particularly document heavy cases. Such a fee will, where relevant, be communicated by the SCC in advance.

Do parties have to use the platform?

The SCC will start communicating with parties and arbitrators through the SCC Platform starting in September 2019. The participants of the arbitration are invited and encouraged to upload their formal case documentation. This will be a great improvement to the efficiency and security of the arbitration process. There are, however, no formal requirements for parties to use the platform beyond communication with the SCC. All files uploaded to the platform are downloadable. Upon request, the SCC may communicate through other channels with participants not able to use the platform.

Who can see what is uploaded to a site?

Each site is available only to the participants in the specific case, i.e. the SCC, the tribunal, parties and counsel.

Can a participant change or remove a file after it has been uploaded?

Once a document has been uploaded, it is not possible for the participants to change or remove the file.