Upcoming seminar: Online arbitration

In recent years the interest for digital tools enabling parties to conduct arbitration proceedings in a more efficient way and without participants being present in the same location (“Online arbitration”) has increased The SCC and SAA are now organizing a seminar titled: "Online arbitration - the where, when and the how".

Online arbitration is the new reality for arbitrators and is of many considered a flexible and accessible approach for dispute resolution. In recent years, there has been a rise in the use of the proceeding, speeded up even more by the Covid-19 pandemic. The process is constantly developing as technology and the unique prerequisites changes, which is putting new requirements, but also removing barriers, reducing time and costs, and environmental footprint of arbitral proceedings. On the basis of this, the SCC and SAA is throwing a seminar devoted to the subject, with the aim to guide through the practical and legal challenges connected to the field. One of the speakers is Alexander Foerster, who together with Kristoffer Löf will focus upon cybersecurity and GDPR in arbitral proceedings.

– New technologies open the door for more efficient, cheaper, and more flexible arbitration proceedings, but the use of those tools require proper and careful preparation. In the same way as a physical meeting needs to be prepared by choosing an appropriate location, convenient seating, entrance control, a suitable agenda and housekeeping instructions various issues need to be considered, discussed and clarified to make a remote hearing successful, says Alexander Foerster.

The seminar will also address digital documentation and institutional platforms, preparation and conduct of virtual/hybrid hearings, and participants will also get a demonstration of the online hearing platform.

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