SCC World Tour

SCC World Tour

Digitalization and technical innovations are developing fast, also in the legal industry. The SCC, together with invited guests, will be touring the world, stopping at 15+ locations to address the complexities of secure communication and digitalization within international arbitral proceedings.

The speakers will provide insights into the trends in legal tech and digitalization, privacy matters and cyber security as well as an update on the SCC Platform.

Read more below for information about the completed events. 

The tour continues online though the SCC Online Seminar series.

London – September 2019

Copenhagen – October 2019

St Petersburg – October 2019

Stockholm – October 2019

Beijing – November 2019

Tokyo – November 2019

Singapore – November 2019

Moscow – December 2019

Paris – December 2019

Almaty – January 2020

Warsaw – January 2020

New York – February 2020

Frankfurt – March  2020  Cancelled due to the organisers taking cautionary measures considering the risk of further spread of the COVID-19 (the “coronavirus”).

Helsinki – March 2020  Rescheduled to a later date, to be decided.

Washington, D.C. – March 2020  Rescheduled to a later date, to be decided.

Malmö – Spring 2020  Rescheduled to a later date, to be decided.

Gothenburg – Spring 2020  Rescheduled to a later date, to be decided.



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