Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Are there any guidelines on how to use the SCC Platform?

Yes, the SCC Platform Guidelines are available on the Platform in each individual site and instruct participants in SCC arbitrations on the use of the Platform and address some of the questions that may arise along the way. Further information and “how-to” guides are also available on the Platform.

Does it cost extra to use the SCC Platform?

Access and use of the Platform are included in the SCC administrative fee. Storage is also included in the SCC administrative fee up to a certain limit. Should additional storage be required beyond the limit additional storage is available against an administrative storage fee. Information on data storage and user limits are available on the SCC Platform and in the SCC Platform Guidelines.

Do we have to use the SCC Platform?

The Platform will constitute the forum through which the SCC communicates with the parties, counsel and arbitrators throughout the proceedings. Therefore, certain interaction with the Platform on the part of the participants is necessary and is further described in the SCC Platform Guidelines. Otherwise the participants in each SCC arbitration are free to agree on the extent to which they will use the Platform.

Who has access to the site?

Only the participants in the arbitration are provided access to the site, i.e. the SCC, the arbitral tribunal, parties and counsel. User accounts are administered by the SCC Secretariat.

Is it possible for a participant to change, amend or delete a file on the SCC Platform?

No, it is not possible for the participants in the arbitration to change, amend or delete any of the files which have been uploaded to the Platform.

What about system security?

The SCC Platform is powered by HighQ, a world leading supplier of secure digital solutions for the legal profession used and trusted by 250+ law firms. The system is ISO 27001 certified and has a SOC2 Report. More information is available under “Security” to the left on this page.

What happens after the SCC arbitration is terminated?

Each site will remain accessible to the participants in the arbitration for viewing, download and print for one year after the arbitration has been terminated.

In accordance with the SCC Arbitrators’ Guidelines, the arbitral tribunal is required to keep a copy of the case file for at least one year after rendering the final award. Storing the case file on the Platform is considered by the SCC to meet this archiving requirement.