SCC Arbitrators' Council

The SCC Arbitrators’ Council is a body established in 2022 to foster our relations with arbitral practitioners worldwide. The members of the Arbitrators’ Council are SCC ambassadors, assisting us to raise awareness and promote international arbitration and to widen our network of users in each jurisdiction.

The members are recognized arbitration specialists in their respective areas and are elected by the SCC for a period of two years. The members facilitate our contacts with the users of our services through events, meetings, and publications. The Council members also act as SCC’s advisors with respect to significant legal developments in each jurisdiction.  

Once a year, the Council holds a general meeting in Stockholm to discuss its past and future activities. The Council and the SCC may also arrange additional meetings whenever required. 

The members of the Council work pro bono and are not involved in SCC case management.


The SCC 2022 – 2024 Arbitrators’ Council members