The way forward

The way forward

As SCC moves forward into its second century, several interesting projects lies ahead. The new SCC Rules and the Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize is two of them.

The new SCC Rules

The new SCC Rules entered into force on 1 January 2017. The new sets of rules include a number of noteworthy revisions and innovations and will be introduced at a number of different events over the coming months.

The Committee for the revision of the SCC rules and practices was established in September 2014, and has included 20 members from the domestic and international arbitration communities, and in-house counsel. The work of the Committee has been carried out under the chairmanship of Mr. Jakob Ragnwaldh, Partner at Mannheimer Swartling and Vice Chair of the SCC Board.

"It has been an honour and a great pleasure working with the members of the Committee during these last two years. The final product manifest the SCC’s continuous efforts to provide innovative and cost and time efficient arbitration to the international business community", Mr. Ragnwaldh comments.

“The Revision Committee has done a fantastic job, and it has been privilege and to have so much expertise and experience poured into the new rules. We are immensely proud over their accomplishment, and the efficient project management by Jakob Ragnwaldh together with Kristin Campbell-Wilson and Celeste Salinas Quero.” - SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson

“On behalf of the SCC Board, I would like to express our great appreciation and admiration for the valuable work done by the Committee, and the result confirms that the SCC remains at the forefront of the international arbitration scene”. - SCC Chairperson Kaj Hobér

SCC Rules (2017)

SCC Rules for Expedited Arbitrations (2017)

Members - The SCC Rules Revision Committee

New SCC Arbitration Rules - Main Changes 

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the SCC events or the SCC Rules tour, please visit the event calendar.


The Stockholm Treaty Lab

The Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize is an innovation contest and a part of the SCC’s work which aims to align international arbitration to a sustainable future. The idea behind the Treaty Lab, that will run in 2017, is inspired by the apparent need of enormous cross-border investments to address climate change challenges – among others in renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grid and sustainable agriculture. However, there is no international instrument that is specifically directed towards promoting and increasing these very investments.

At the Lab, welcome knowledgeable, inspired and forward-looking teams from all relevant disciplines to draft an international treaty aiming to boost green investment. A grand prize will be awarded to the team that drafted the most innovative and workable treaty.

Visit The Stockholm Treaty Lab webpage

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