SCC Platform – a digital stepping stone

Navigating the landscape of global business in the age of acceleration requires an entrepreneurial mind-set. Leading an arbitral institution is no exception.

The fundamentals of impartial and independent dispute resolution have not changed, but our capacity to deliver just that depends on our ability to pro-actively support the process in a manner which properly reflects the demands of the 21st century. This is why we are so proud of the SCC Platform.

The introduction of the SCC Platform is the most recent step on the SCC journey of innovation, and to be honest one of the most inspiring pieces of news I have had the privilege to deliver as Secretary General. The response has simply been overwhelming as potential parties, counsel and arbitrators from all corners of the world have been cheering us on.

The SCC Platform will support a new level of efficiency in all SCC cases, but also, and perhaps more importantly, provide a new level of cybersecurity where the Platform will be able to address the demands of an increasingly digital future.   

How does it work?

In short, starting September 2019, all SCC arbitrations will have access to the case platform where the SCC, the parties and the tribunal can share case-related documents. This could be communication with the SCC, procedural orders from the tribunal, party submissions – the list could go on. The SCC Platform eliminates the need to share sensitive or bulky files and documents by email or other channels. In addition, it hosts a calendar of events for each case, providing an easy overview of the procedure and how far the case has progressed at any given time.

The SCC Platform is part of our continued ambition to provide the best tools to safeguard the integrity and efficiency of the arbitral procedure, but it is not the end of our innovative journey.

Where does innovation end? It doesn’t.

What happens in international arbitration is a sheer reflection of the world around us, and as complexities increase, we will work hard to maintain simplicity in spite of all the challenges. We know the tools are out there.  And if they are not yet there – we will find a way to invent them.

To continue to deliver efficient dispute resolution for international business in a challenging commercial context will require a constant focus ahead. We need to continuously work with our vision and set ambitious goals of where we need to be in one year, three years or five years in order for international arbitration to be that enabler of economic growth and global development for which it was intended.

Today this vision spells the SCC Platform. Tomorrow’s vision will spell something different as we continue to add novelties.

Welcome to join us as we continue along the road of innovation.


Annette Magnusson

Secretary General


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