SCC Forecasts: Are we about to be replaced?

I like trying to unpack the legal process of meeting, fighting and making up. Picking it apart to understand each step of the process better.

Since my lens is business development and tech, this often leads to an exercise of what can be enhanced, automated or replaced by a machine. To my great excitement, there is a lot happening on this front.

How does tech affect disputes and their resolution?

There is no doubt in my mind that the process of meeting, fighting and making up will look very different in the legal world 10 or 20 years from now, just as it does in the real world compared to 10 years ago (swipe right, anyone?). But it will happen gradually. Even though it may be revolutionary, it is unlikely to feel like a revolution. We will continue to go to work, enjoy our coffee and help resolve disputes, using all the digital enhancement tools the world has provided  without even thinking of it.

So, are we about to be replaced? No, but we are certainly about to be enhanced.


Lise Alm

Head of Business Development, SCC

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