The arbitrator’s role in commercial arbitration

We arranged a meeting with the arbitrators Anina Liebkind and Rikard Wikström-Hermansen to talk about the arbitrator's role - what the fundamental duty is, important skills, challenges of today and much more.

The arbitrator responsibility and mandate are broad and include a great deal: facilitating negotiations and settling disputes, applying the law and procedures applicable and finally rendering an enforceable award.

The SCC met up with the arbitrators Anina Liebkind and Rikard Wikström-Hermansen and asked them to describe the duties of a commercial arbitrator and share their views on important qualities that an arbitrator should possess today.

 It is through democracy and the legislative parliaments that we have been granted this power to solve business disputes. We render an award that can be enforced, often to huge amounts with big consequences for companies, says Rikard Wikström-Hermansen, arbitrator and partner at Roschier, stressing the need for competence and experience.

Arbitrators manage not only the legal aspects of the arbitration process, they also manage people – party representatives and co-arbitrators –  often from different countries and cultures.

– It really does require a huge amount of people skills to get the proceedings to run smoothly. You need to be able to read the room, says Anina Liebkind, arbitrator and partner at Norburg & Scherp.

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