Seminar: Pros and cons of the ongoing ISDS reform

Can existing investment treaties strike the balance between the two categories of human rights? Are arbitrators fulfilling the rule of protecting human rights in all manifestations? This and more is discussed at an upcoming SCC and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius online seminar.

The human rights issues in investor-state dispute settlement cases are subject to heated policy and legal debates. In cooperation with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius we are pleased to welcome you on 28 February 15:00 to an online seminar on this subject. Along with insights into the pros and cons of the ongoing ISDS reform, the speakers will discuss the extent to which the current ISDS system allows for the protection of human rights and whether such protection might be sought by way of interim measures.

 Investment treaties and human rights treaties are twin-born and pursue the same goal of rule of law standards. Conversely, the protection of the human rights of the population of the host States are often invoked by governments for restrictions of investor rights, says Sabine Konrad, Partner at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius.

What specific topics will be addressed in the seminar?
 We will discuss whether the existing investment treaties are able to strike the balance between those two categories of human rights, those of the investors and those of the populations, or whether reform is needed. Aside from treaty reforms, we will also discuss whether arbitrators are fulfilling the rule of protecting human rights in all of their manifestations. 

The seminar will be held in connection with the Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot. Legal counsel Natalia Petrik participates on the behalf of SCC.

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