SCC service for efficient management of ad hoc arbitrations

Secure communication and file sharing is needed also in ad hoc arbitration proceedings. Angelica Eklöf, case administrator at the SCC explains the features of the SCC Ad Hoc Platform.

Disputes arise even out of the best drafted contracts. They may have been unforeseeable or unexpected but once they arise the focus is on solving them in the most efficient way. There are different ways to solve a commercial dispute. An alternative method to court proceedings and institutional arbitration (such as with the SCC), is ad hoc arbitration. This is a process that requires a greater degree of involvement, cooperation, and expertise of the parties as they must determine between themselves the scope and rules of the procedure, appoint a tribunal, choose how to manage and communicate throughout the proceedings and much more. To facilitate the efficient resolution of also ad hoc arbitrations, we have developed the SCC Ad Hoc Platform. Angelica Eklöf, case administrator at the SCC explains the features of this service.

Angelica, what is the SCC Ad Hoc Platform and why should parties use it?
The SCC Ad Hoc Platform is a digital and secure case management platform solution for the efficient communication and file sharing between parties and arbitrators who conduct an arbitration ad hoc, that is, without the involvement and support of an arbitral institution.

The functionality is similar to that of the SCC Platform, used in all arbitrations administered by the SCC, but in an ad hoc case the SCC is not involved in the actual administration of the case, nor do we oversee the proceedings, beyond providing assistance to the parties in setting up a secure site for the parties and the tribunal to use. To ensure full confidentiality, we do not access the site or its content unless instructed to do so by any of the participants.

The purpose of the Ad Hoc platform is to aid also parties and arbitrators in ad hoc arbitrations through the use of efficient case management tools. The Ad Hoc platform is available to all parties and tribunals engaged in ad hoc arbitrations upon request and against a fee - and you are more than welcome to contact us for more information and with any questions you may have.

What is the main difference between an ad hoc arbitration and an arbitration administrated by the SCC? The level of administrative support. When an arbitration proceeding is conducted under our rules, the tribunal and the parties can rely on the administrative support and expertise of the secretariat throughout the proceedings in accordance with the SCC Arbitration Rules. A secure and unique case management site is provided for in each case as soon as the request for arbitration is registered.

Another difference is the support of our experienced members on the SCC Board in appointing experienced arbitrators for each individual case, deciding on challenges to arbitrators and the costs for the arbitration. I am very proud of our Board as they are always very well prepared before every meeting and it does not matter if the case is big or small, they always give it their all.

At the SCC Secretariat we are all focused on, and take pride in, upholding a high level of service and to offer our support during the whole arbitration, which I believe makes a difference and is a very appreciated feature by our users. We are here for them, and we love what we do!

How come SCC offers a service targeted at ad hoc arbitrations conducted outside of the institutional framework?
The initiative for the Ad Hoc Platform originated in the early days of the pandemic as we saw our industry colleagues struggle to efficiently manage ad hoc proceedings from the confines of their homes. As the need for a secure, cloud based and efficient case management tool became urgent, we decided to support them and the business community at large also in this way. The Ad Hoc platform was made available in May 2020 and was offered free of charge to all ad hoc arbitrations registered in the first year of the pandemic.

In post-pandemic times, we see a continued demand for this service, why we have made it part of our regular services. We hope that this service will help facilitate the management of ad hoc arbitrations around the world, lead to new and interesting contacts with us, and that it will serve the business and arbitration community for the better.

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