The story behind the SCC EXPRESS

It is an unusual thing, to decide to develop a completely new dispute resolution tool. But we thought it necessary and appointed a task force to help us work out the idea behind the SCC Express Dispute Assessment service. This video gives you the story of how it played out.

Decisions related to commercial dispute resolution today are not only based on legal considerations. They are becoming increasingly influenced by financial and strategic ones. We know that predictability in time and cost is becoming more and more important for businesses and their stakeholders.

This insight led us to create a task force of experienced practitioners and arbitrators to develop a new kind of dispute resolution tool that could offer a better way of solving disagreements throughout a business project.

Meet two members of the SCC Express task force; Mattias Göransson, lawyer and dispute resolution expert at Mannheimer Swartling, chair of the working group, and Emilia Lundberg, arbitrator and partner at Lundberg & Gleiss.

In this video they give you the story behind the development of the SCC Express Dispute Assessment tool with its origin in a perceived need among SCC users for something other than the traditional methods of dispute resolution. It all begins with the question: Is there another way of doing this? 

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