The best gift of the year

The launch of the SCC Express, a new Secretary General and the expansion of the Secretariat. 2021 has set new milestones on SCC´s journey despite the hardships related to the pandemic. With confidence, we look forward to 2022!

This past year has been amazingly eventful at the SCC with a new Secretary General, expanding the case management team, the launch of a new dispute resolution tool - the SCC Express and SCC Digital Week – a weeklong virtual event.
More than two years into using the SCC Platform for the administration of SCC arbitrations, which provides parties, counsel and arbitrators with an efficient tool for cybersecure communication in arbitrations, we now see more institutions following suit. This will help shape the future standards in arbitration as both arbitration practitioners and the end users have grown accustomed to new ways of working, using the technologies available to keep time and costs down. We welcome the trend of digitalizing our services towards the global business community, it does not only increase the efficiency in dispute resolution, but also promote sustainability and make for greener arbitrations.

Another year of social distancing and many, many, many more virtual meetings than one can possibly count is drawing to a close. The few in person meetings of the past year were cherished like jewels, filling our hearts with joy and we made the most of any social interaction regardless of the reason for it. Of all the exciting things that kept us busy at the SCC Secretariat this year, the highlight of the year must be the trendspotting event at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm that opened SCC Digital Week. Meeting with some of you IRL – that was the best gift of the year to us.

We hope, however, that the SCC Express is our best gift to you!

Thank you for all the interactions over the past year and the trust in our ability to help resolve your or your clients’ disputes in the most modern of ways. We look forward to new exciting things in 2022. Stay safe and stay connected!  

With best wishes for the new year,

Kristin and the rest of the SCC Secretariat

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