Second East-West Forum focusing on arbitration in Poland and the Baltic states

We are happy to announce the 2nd SCC East-West Forum event with focus on arbitration in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia taking place on 10 September. The growing regional integration of these states reflects in a dynamic arbitration environment where local challenges intertwine with global trends. In this forum we explore the arbitration environment in the region and provide a meeting space and professional development for arbitral specialists.

The SCC East-West Forum was founded to provide a meeting space and professional development for arbitral specialist interested in litigation and arbitration related to East-West companies. In this 2nd edition of our event series, we aim to establish a discussion forum for practitioners from Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia; to provide its participants with an update on topical issues, news and caselaw in each jurisdiction, as well as to give valuable insights into the career of an international arbitrator.

The agenda features renowned specialists from the focus countries and Sweden, including Aku Sorainen, Ramūnas Audzevičius, Beata Gessel-Kalinowska vel Kalisz, Fredrik Ringquist, Daiga Zivtina, Ginta Ahrel, Maria Pihlak, Eva Kalnina and Natalia Petrik, who will analyse the challenges of international arbitration through the prism of East-West disputes.

After the panel discussion, the participants will enjoy an inspirational talk with Ginta Ahrel and Eva Kalnina, who will share their invaluable experiences of arbitrating disputes with the parties from the focus countries.

The conference will be held in an online format and is free of charge.

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