SCC East-West Forum – sharing knowledge through dialogue

Let us introduce a new meeting space for arbitral specialists who are interested in East-West related dispute resolution. The 2021 Inaugural SCC East-West Forum will be held online and focus on Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Caucasus.

On 27 April 2021, the SCC will arrange the first of a series of events devoted to East-West related dispute resolution. The SCC East-West Forum provides a meeting space and professional development for arbitral specialists. SCC arbitration has been used by parties from post-Soviet states in international trade deals for decades.

- The idea of this forum is rooted in the SCC’s long-standing experience with the East-West disputes, which eventually has grown into a knowledge exchange and professional development project, says SCC Legal Counsel Natalia Petrik who is organizing the event.

The possibility for recourse to a neutral forum is as important today as ever before, sparking a growing demand for international arbitration expertise among local practitioners.

The first SCC East-West Forum will focus on Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Caucasus. The arbitration laws in these regions have undergone reforms and changes, setting the scene for local arbitration communities for the years ahead. Irrespective of the direction of the reforms, an open discussion of the local challenges is central for understanding the specifics of East-West arbitration. The event aims to establish a discussion forum for practitioners from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Caucasus; to provide its participants with an update on topical issues, news and caselaw in each jurisdiction, as well as to give valuable insights into the career of an international arbitrator.

The agenda features renowned arbitration specialists from the focus countries and Sweden, including Dmitri Evseev, Ginta Ahrel, Ruslan Mirzayev, Olena Perepelynska, Valikhan Shaikenov, Nick Gvinadze, Maxim Kulkov, and Natalia Petrik, who will analyse the challenges of international arbitration through the prism of EastWest disputes. After the panel discussion, the participants will enjoy a live interview with Patricia Shaughnessy, associate professor, founder and former director of the ICAL Master Program at Stockholm University, who will share her invaluable insights into the career of an international arbitrator with Roman Zykov, Secretary General of the Russian Arbitration Association.

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