SCC Digital Week trendspotting event – now available online

A recording of our event at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm – Trendspotting in commercial dispute resolution from the business perspective – is now available online.

In October, the very first SCC Digital Week took place. During the course of one week, we welcomed everyone to visit our specially designed event platform containing a wide range of content based on the theme “Trendspotting in commercial dispute resolution from the business perspective”.

A full recording of the live event, taking place at Stockholm’s beautiful Nationalmuseum in the center of the city, is now available for you to watch online.

We hope you will enjoy listening to the experiences of General counsels Oscar Hållén (Klarna), Sofia Graflund Tronsson (Northvolt), Jenny Bergendorff (Skanska) and Senior Legal Counsel Caroline Falconer (Vattenfall) who all share interesting and exciting examples of the new fast paced and innovative approaches found in inhouse legal teams of international companies.

The recording also includes a presentation of the new dispute resolution tool SCC Express.

Watch the video here >> (Vimeo)

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