Lagergren's archive donated to Stockholm University

He was a giant in international arbitration. As a legacy from Gunnar Lagergren, students and researchers at the Faculty of Law at Stockholm University now have access to books and documents from his archive.

Judge Lagergren was one of the world's foremost arbitrators and has shaped the international arbitration as we know it today. He acted as arbitrator in numerous large and complex international disputes, commercial as well as interstate. The archive of Lagergren has now, with support from the SCC, been donated to Stockholm University. The donated books and documents will be available to students and researchers in the Arbitration Library at the Faculty of Law.

– We are pleased to have been of service to the Arbitration Library and very happy to know that such a treasure will be looked after by Stockholm University, says Kristin Campbell-Wilson, Secretary General at the SCC.

Gunnar Lagergren passed away on 28 December 2008 at the age of 96. His significance in the world of arbitration is described in the movie: The Quiet Triumph – How arbitration changed the world. Watch >> here.

His life and professional achievements is also depicted in a biography by Anders Johnson (Ekerlids förlag): Skiljedomens ädla konst : Gunnar Lagergren - internationell domare för handel, fred och mänskliga rättigheter.

The Arbitration Library at Stockholm University is open to students and practitioners for their research in international arbitration. For more information, please contact

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