How to select a relevant tool for resolving your dispute

Disputes comes in all shapes and forms. In this overview of the SCC services, you can get guidance in choosing the right dispute resolution tool for your dispute.

Our goal is to keep at the forefront of change to meet the developing needs of the business community. This is why the SCC dispute resolution toolbox has been expanded with a new tool – the SCC Express Dispute Assessment. This is a tool for disputes where there is no need for a full-scale process and where there is trust between the parties that the outcome will be respected even if it is not an enforceable judgment. The purpose of SCC Express is to enable companies to spend as little time as possible in dispute and litigation. 

Are you dealing with a high complexity case or a low complexity case? Do you prioritise enforceability or a fast resolution of the dispute?

In the enclosed overview, you will get some guidance in choosing the right dispute resolution tool for you dispute.

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