We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season

It is rare that we all agree at the end of a year that this was a challenging year. Maybe even the worst. That we all look forward to next year. That surely 2021 will be better.

But in the sadness of 2020 also lies great comfort in knowing that we are not alone. Cairo, New York, Milan, Lagos, Beijing, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, London, or Stockholm. It does not matter. We are all in this together.

And together we have been. At webinars and in bilateral outreach, in joint statements and the generous sharing of expertise and know-how, and in our daily work together across the globe.

In my mind, the Covid-19 crisis has truly demonstrated the strength of international arbitration. The value and leadership of global norms. A level of certainty in volatile environments. And the ability to support and keep the wheels turning in the global economy.

At the SCC we are very grateful for all the opportunities this year has offered for important conversations, collaboration, and innovation. Despite everything, this has been nothing less than truly inspiring.

We would therefore like to end this year to say Thank you to everyone we have had an opportunity to work with, in all different capacities. We all look forward to continuing together in 2021.

But first, we wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season.

Stay safe & Best Wishes

Annette Magnusson
SCC Secretary General


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