The SCC is partnering with ExhibitManager to increase the functionality of the SCC Platform

Users of the SCC Platform now have the power to combine the use of the SCC Platform with the digital workflow assistant ExhibitManager.

The SCC Platform was launched in September last year and provides the participants in an SCC arbitration with a simpler way to share and jointly organise files from the request for arbitration to the rendering of the award.

The Platform is used in all SCC cases and enables secure file sharing between the SCC, the parties and the tribunal.

The SCC is however not the only actor bringing digitalisation to arbitration, and we constantly strive to cooperate with other actors for this purpose.

Against this background, the SCC is very pleased to announce the recently initiated collaboration with ExhibitManager. ExhibitManager is an intelligent software for litigators and arbitration practitioners simplifying writing and organising large submissions which have numerous exhibits.

In practice this means that it is now possible to up- and download eBriefs from ExhibitManager on the SCC Platform. More information about this can be found on the SCC Platform.

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