The Ad Hoc Platform is live!

Arbitrators and tribunals are welcome to reach out to the SCC to see if the Ad Hoc Platform is the right tool for their proceedings.

The Ad Hoc Platform is a joint initiative by the SCC and HighQ (part of Thomson Reuters) to support the online administration of proceedings globally. It provides an efficient, secure and confidential platform for communications and file sharing between the parties and the tribunal. Use of the Ad Hoc Platform will be free of charge from start to finish of the arbitration for arbitrations commenced during the COVID-19 outbreak.* 

For a demonstration of the platform, please click here. More information, including the Ad Hoc Platform guidelines, can be found here.

The arbitration does not need to have any connection to the SCC to use the platform and using the platform does not entail any administration by the SCC or that the arbitration is governed by the SCC Arbitration Rules. 

To use the Ad Hoc Platform, arbitrators in ad hoc cases are invited to reach out to the SCC via

Stay safe everyone.


*The terms were updated in May 2021. Read more >> here


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