Stockholm International Hearing Centre launches platform for virtual hearings

In a time when the possibilities for physical meetings is severely limited, the need for virtual hearing facilities increases. In light of this, the Stockholm International Hearing Centre (SIHC) has announced the launch of a virtual platform for digital hearings.

The Stockholm International Hearing Centre (SIHC) has announced the launch of a virtual platform for digital hearings - a platform that makes it possible for participants from anywhere in the world to take part in hearings in a secure and easy manner. The service provided is in addition to the internationally renowned physical hearing facilities already offered across several locations in Stockholm. 

Participants connect via a link sent by e-mail and activate the computer’s speakers, microphone and camera as desired. Every participant can also share a secure space with their respective party between sessions. This means that SIHC can cover all aspects of a traditional hearing virtually – from presentations, to document sharing and viewing, to secure break-out rooms. 

SIHCs virtual arbitrations platform is a unique combination of our years of experience running hearing facilities combined with software, hardware, technical controllers and IT support staff in our facilities in Stockholm Nicolas Martinez, project manager at SIHC says.  

 Technically, SIHCs virtual arbitration platform is a series of stand-alone solutions and services that have been merged through broadcast grade equipment to a unified platform. The SIHC staff and technicians on hand can actively curate what is being presented to the participants and are available to support remote participants with technical issues that may arise before, during or after the hearing.  

The virtual hearing platform allows for each of the parties or the tribunal to have their own encrypted and private conference when the hearing is not in session. It further caters for the examination of witness statements online and court reporters off-site, etc. SIHC can further provide court reporters where needed. The underlying technical solution used is Microsoft Teams.  

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You can learn more about this and other considerations relating to online hearing, during the SCC online seminars on online hearings on April 29th for the international audience and on May 5th for the Swedish audience with a stronger focus on Swedish aspects, respectivelyThe Swedish seminar will include a short presentation of the SIHC virtual hearing facilities. Read more and register here.

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