Robot arbitrators – a possibility?

In a panel by Forte Markets on July 2nd addressing the impact of AI on international arbitration, SCC’s Lise Alm was asked whether judges could be replaced by AI, and how far away we are from robot arbitrators. Her answers in short were “no” and “quite far”.

In order to answer the question with more nuance, Lise Alm addressed the questions of: Is it possible? What is needed to do it? Which actors will take on the challenge and what consequences will that have? 

- I believe the law firms and third-party funders are addressing these issues faster than the judicial arm, both courts and arbitral institutions. We are likely to see robot lawyers before we see robot judges, says Lise Alm.  

In the debate that followed, the other panellists discussed cautionary tales of AI and advanced automation, ethical framework of AI, inclusion issues and the effect of Covid-19 on the speed of implementation.  

The panellists included a range of experts in law and AI and a clear divide of tech optimists and tech pessimists could be traced. Moderated by Prof Stephan Hardy, the panel consisted of Tomas Vail, Dr. Paresh Kathrani, Anil Changaroth, Minesh Tanna, Lise Alm and Thomas Snider.  


Watch the recording of the panel discussion

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