Now available: SCC Expedited Arbitration Rules in Russian

The 2017 SCC Expedited Arbitration Rules are now available in Russian.

Over the past few decades, business transactions have become increasingly complex and globalized, which often leads to longer and more resource intensive arbitrations. Contrary to this trend stands expedited arbitration, where a sole arbitrator hears the dispute and the parties make fewer submissions within shorter time frames. The demand for this type of fast-track arbitration appears to increase, as well as the number of cases managed under SCC's expedited rules since introduction of the current rules in 2017.

The SCC Expedited Arbitration Rules are now available in five languages: English, Swedish, German, Spanish and Russian. 

The SCC would like to thank Elena Burova and Veronica Burachevskaya, former SCC interns, who prepared the Russian translation of the Expedited Rules, as well as Alexei Pirozhkin, former SCC intern, for reviewing them.


See the Russian translation of the SCC Expedited rules here.

Link to Rules page

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