Now available: Recordings from SCC´s Online Seminars

“Online hearings when the parties cannot agree” from April 29 and “Arbitration and Climate Change” from April 16 is the first two session recordings made available from the SCC Online Seminar Series. All the online seminars and panels will be recorded and made available on the SCC website.

The online panel “Online hearings when the parties cannot agree” from April 29 addressed if and how to organize an online hearing when the parties cannot agree on using a digital solution or not. Questions addressed were amongst other “Legal aspects in relation to holding online hearings against the wish of one of the parties” and “What experience, lessons and tools do we have to employ today?”.

The online seminar “Arbitration and Climate Change” from April 16 addressed what the connection is and how the international arbitration can contribute to climate change efforts? At this seminar we shared ideas for change, including some of the proposals from the Stockholm Treaty Lab teams.

The SCC Online Seminar Series weely presents new topics in English or Russian. The next online seminar discusses “Arbitration at the SCC” is on May 7. It is a presentation of the key features of SCC arbitration, its practices and procedures, including recent developments and statistics. Read flyer and sign up here.

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