New solutions require new methods – SCC teams up with Stockholm Startup Bootcamp

In January this year, SCC participated as challenge giver in the first annual Stockholm Startup Bootcamp, providing a challenge on how to broaden the playing field in arbitrator selection.

As an arbitration institute, one of the main tasks is to match the right arbitrator to the right case. In doing this, there’s numerous factors to take into consideration. Outside of ensuring the right skillset and competences of the person, the SCC is committed to promoting diversity in arbitration. Finding new solutions to old problems requires continuously testing new methods. Latest in the SCC’s work in this field is to team up with Stockholm Startup Bootcamp to apply design thinking and leans startup methodology to address diversity in arbitration.

The Stockholm Startup Bootcamp is a weekend-long interdisciplinary hands-on workshop on entrepreneurship, design thinking, and innovation arranged by Malin Männikkö and David Flodén. The SCC took the opportunity to challenge a multi-disciplinary team of brilliant minds to come up with a tool or process to help broaden the arbitrator search and verify competences of previously unknown potential arbitrators. The SCC team consisted of students within law, data science, bioscience and industrial management who tackled the challenge and created a product idea and pitch to help find and filter arbitrators who might otherwise have been overlooked. At the SCC, we are very greatful to Saif Ur-Rehman, Delphie Wåhlström, Sarah Berden, Sushma Giri and Rajaneeh Kumar Singh, mentored by Silvia A. Carretta for their great team effort and we will bring with us the ideas and processes in our continued work.

Link to a short video on Linkedin


Bildspel från Stockholm Startup Bootcamp

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