New Practice Note on Emergency Arbitrator applications

A recently published Practice Note by SCC legal counsel Evelina Wahlström examines two years’ of SCC Emergency Arbitrator applications. In the report, EA procedures in the commercial cases from this period are described in detail.

The SCC was one of the first arbitration institutions in the world to provide for emergency arbitrator proceedings in 2010.  Ten years after the introduction of the Emergency Arbitrator provisions of the SCC Rules, the SCC has until today’s date seen a total of 47 applications for appointment of an emergency arbitrator.

Soon after the introduction of the new procedure, the SCC began publishing regular reports on the application of the Emergency Arbitrator provisions in practice. This newly released report is the most resent of such practice, and another report covering 2019-2020 is expected to be published in 2021.

Read the report

A detailed description of the first ten years with the Emergency Arbitrator proceedings at the SCC is available >> here

A report on Emergency Arbitrator Decisions from SCC Investment Disputes was published earlier this year and is available >> here 



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