Information about the current SCC travel policy

Having considered the risk of further spread of the COVID-19 (the “coronavirus”), the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has decided to take cautionary measures for employees travelling abroad.

Such cautionary measures include case by case evaluations of regions with increased risk of corona virus spread. The evaluation will include exposure to the infection and ability to deliver proper measures and medical assistance. It will further include evaluation of the purpose of the travel and the character and scale of the event. 

In light of the above, the SCC has cancelled the seminar “International Arbitration in Sweden and Azerbaijan” in Baku on March 4 and both events in Frankfurt this week, the seminar “Innovation and Technology in Investment Arbitration” on March 2 and the “DAJV Transatlantic Legal Conference” on March 6 has been cancelled by the SCC/organizers.


Edited 13 March: The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce has updated the policy on events and travel. 

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