Hold out and carry on – the SCC Ad Hoc Platform offer prolonged

The SCC now prolongs the offer to get free access to the Ad Hoc Platform for digital case management in Ad Hoc Arbitration until the end of May.

The SCC Platform is a secure digital platform for communications and file sharing between the arbitration parties and the tribunal. It is used in all SCC arbitrations since September 2019 and from May this year it was partially made available also to ad hoc arbitrations. This self-administered tool for dispute resolution is referred to as the Ad Hoc Platform.

To support online administration of proceedings in these difficult times of the global pandemic, with support from our web partner Thomson Reuter, we decided to offer access to the Ad Hoc Platform cost-free during 2020. We now prolong the offer until the end of May 2021 and welcome all parties with an ongoing Ad Hoc dispute, who wish to settle the case using our online platform, to reach out.

SCC Head of Business development, Lise Alm explains the background and purpose of the offering.

What is the SCC Ad Hoc Platform?

Ad Hoc is a digital case management platform adapted specifically for arbitration cases and it is offered to any Ad Hoc Arbitration globally. The functionality mimics the SCC Platform, used in all SCC administered cases, but on the Ad Hoc Platform, the SCC is not involved in the administration of the case beyond opening the secure site.

What is the background story of this service?

The platform is the response to a need from the industry to be able to communicate and store files and submissions efficiently and securely, in a neutral venue throughout the process and one year beyond.

Why is it important to offer free access during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The pandemic has forced all industries to adapt to a new reality, a new reality which for the arbitration community has involved rapid digitalization. The ad hoc community lacks the neutral infrastructure offered by institutions and is therefore underserved with digital solutions. This is something the SCC wants to help rectify with the Ad Hoc Platform. As we are all working hard to adjust, it was important to offer this solution now, and for free during the pandemic.

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Are you involved in an ongoing commercial Ad Hoc dispute and would like to register on the platform? Please contact us by mail: arbitration@chamber.se

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