Focus on AI in Annual Conference by the Milan Chamber of Commerce

This year we saw the 11th Annual Conference by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, focused on the highly relevant topic of AI and the use of Technology in International Arbitration. The conference looked both at the present and the future with panels addressing how AI is changing the way law is practiced and more importantly, whether we are ready for robot arbitrators and predictive analytics?

SCC’s Lise Alm chaired one of the interactive coffee breaks with discussions around who has access to the emerging technologies and how that may affect equality of arms. And more specifically, which role the institutions can or should play in this regard.

- As a tech optimist I’m excited to see how we can tackle the issues of today with the technology of tomorrow. However, the roll out of advanced technology is uneven and not entirely uncomplicated and may give rise to unbalance between the parties and between the parties and the arbitrator.” Lise Alm says and continues “We need to ask whether there is a value in regulating or deregulating the process in this regard to make sure we maintain a good balance. Having discussions like the ones at this conference is crucial to make sure we balance these questions correctly, says Lise Alm.

Read more about the conclusions from the conference here.

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