Creative writing for arbitrators

There is room for improvement, innovation and creativity in award writing. Both reading awards and writing one can be challenging. Do you agree?

We are happy to publish an inspiring article written by former SCC legal counsel Anja Ipp for the Dossier of the Institute of World Business Law (ICC) 2020, ”Explaining Why You Lost, Reasoning in Arbitration".

In the article ”Creative writing for arbitrators” Anja Ipp explains how arbitrators can write better awards if they apply some principles of effective storytelling:

• Think about the reader.

• Use a three-act structure.

• Show, don’t tell.

Learn more and get inspired - read the article: 

The Dossier of the ICC

The Dossiers of the ICC Institute of World Business Law are collections of Articles by contributors to the Institute's Annual Meetings. Each Dossier is published in English and provides a compilation of current thinking by leading specialists on a subject of topical interest. ICC webbsite:

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