COVID-19: How the SCC is responding

The SCC is fully operational but working remotely, as the SCC Secretariat takes measures to adapt to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The SCC infrastructure already in place at the time of the outbreak of the COVID-19 has supported a smooth transition to working remotely. The SCC case management has been fully digitalized since 2013, and with the introduction of the SCC Platform in September 2019, the digital service was extended to parties, counsel and arbitral tribunals.

Requests for arbitration are filed using

Application for the appointment of an emergency arbitrator is made using

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce adheres to the self-isolation and quarantine advisories of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, following the guidance of the World Health Organization, as we do our best to protect the health of our community and to help stop the spread of COVID-19.



The following measures have been taken to safeguard the health of our staff and the security of our operations.

The case management is fully operational, working remotely. 

To uphold certain necessary operational steps related to the serving of new requests for arbitration, a team of one legal counsel and one case manager is in the office, and other team members are working from home. The team in the office will be rotated every two weeks.

The workday is jointly organized to support efficiency and companionship, with daily team planning calls and joint virtual “fika” – the traditional Swedish coffee break.

Plans have been developed and measures taken to safeguard operations should many or all members of the case management teams be unable to work at the same time.



The SCC Online Seminar Menu was introduced on 13 March, in response to the necessary cancellations of meetings, conferences and other events where SCC staff members were scheduled to participate. The reception of the seminar initiative has been very positive.

More information and how to sign up for a seminar here.

More information about events and travel policy here.


Additional information

This is a global situation that affects all of us, and collaboration and sharing of good ideas should be encouraged.

The SCC decided to publish information about the recently developed checklist on holding arbitration and mediation hearings in times of COVID-19 – an initiative from Delos Dispute Resolution. More ideas on how to conduct hearings in the era of corona are currently being developed and we invite other organizations with similar protocols to reach out; we are happy to help share such information.

If you have any question regarding SCC operations in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, please contact us at

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