Checklist on holding hearings in times of COVID-19

A checklist recently published by Hafez Virjee of Delos Dispute Resolution and Maria Hauser-Morel of Hanefeld provides guidance for parties, counsel and arbitrators when holding hearings in times of COVID-19. The checklist will be continuously updated.

The checklist targets items to consider for hearings conducted under any arbitration rules or administered by any institution, including deciding whether to maintain the date of the hearing, and preparing, conducting and following up on the hearing in light of COVID-19.

Parties, counsel and arbitrators are recommended to hold a conference call to discuss the questions raised in the checklist, which can also serve as an agenda for such call. 

The checklist is a work in progress and will be updated in light of feedback received on it. 

Comments, suggested edits, or resources to recommend in addition to the World Health Organisation (WHO) sources cited in the checklist, are welcomed and can be sent to

Read the checklist here

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