Bishkek Arbitration Days – Dispute Resolution in Times of Pandemic

On 4-5 June, Putilin Sippel and the American University of Central Asia co-host the event with webinars conducted over two days. SCC Legal Counsel Natalia Petrik will participate in the session “Making Your Arbitration Time and Cost-Efficient”.

During the two-days event, leading experts from USA, England, Ukraine, Sweden, Singapore, Russia and Central Asia will discuss how arbitration can tackle the controversies arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic, to what extent the virus affected contractual obligations and business operations and whether the government measures taken to combat the spread of infection may give rise to Investor-State claims.


* Dispute Resolution in Times of Pandemic: Can Arbitration be the Answer?"

* Making Your Arbitration Time and Cost-Efficient

* The Impact of COVID-19 on Contracts

* Investor-State Dispute Settlement: Who Knows What Tomorrow Holds?"


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The working languages are English & Russian.


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