Arbitration on the agenda when UN discusses the future of world trade

One of the consequences of Covid 19 on International Arbitration is a rapid increase in the development and adoption of digital tools and procedures. This is also likely to speed up the adoption of more disruptive technology such as predictive AI and blockchain.

As a part of this year’s annual meeting with the member states, UNCITRAL: United Nations Commission on International Trade Law is arranging a series of open virtual panels addressing the consequences of Covid-19 on different aspects of international trade. Lise Alm at SCC will participate and share her view on long-term effects on international dispute resolution.

Lise Alm will talk about the need to speed up the development and application of automation, AI and blockchain within arbitration. Adoption of these technologies will come and will introduce new possibilities and challenges to the existing legal framework.

How far have we come and what are the potential ethical concerns with the development ahead?

The panels are open for registration and will be held online 8-9 and 13-16 July
Discussion topics on the agenda:

Identification and Authentication in the Digital Economy and Trade Finance
Assisting Economic Recovery – Targeting MSMEs
Public-Private Partnerships and Public Procurement
COVID-19 Impact on International Dispute Resolution, short term and long term
Gender, Trade and COVID-19 Digital Economy


UNCITRAL, The UN Commission on International Trade Law, is working to develop conventions, norms and legal guidelines which will coordinate and facilitate international trade. The Commission includes 60 Member States, elected by the General Assembly. The members meet at the annual session - even years in New York, odd years in Geneva, and this year virtually.


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