Arbitration and COVID-19: Institutions speak with one voice

In a demonstration of unity, international arbitral institutions today issued a joint message in the wake of the corona outbreak.

“By jointly enabling international arbitration to deliver some degree of certainty in a volatile economic climate, we seek to jointly contribute to a world better prepared to meet the challenges of the post-corona crisis.”

“Many parties and tribunals have turned to us at the arbitral institutions for information and guidance in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, and we are very conscious that these are challenging times for everyone.”

“As is being demonstrated daily across the globe, cooperation and collaboration is at the center of an effective response to Covid-19. Our respective institutions are committed to working together at this time for this purpose.”

This is part of the joint message from international arbitral institutions issued today.

–  With this message, representatives for international arbitration across the world want to express their support in a challenging time, advocate for the potential use of digital options but also encourage tribunals and parties to maintain momentum in pending cases to the largest extent possible, says SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson.

–  The institutions stand ready to assist parties and tribunals to the best of our ability, and we all welcome parties and tribunals to reach out. Additional guidance is also available on each institution’s website, and we invite parties and tribunals to use this additional resource, Annette Magnusson continues.

This is a joint initiative by all institutions involved.

Expressions of support from additional institutions across the world is of course welcomed. We are all in this together


Read the full message here

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