UNCITRAL addresses Expedited Arbitration

The SCC has had rules for Expedited Arbitration in place since 1995 and will share its experience as UNCITRAL’s Working Group II prepares to address expedited arbitration in September.

UNCITRAL Working Group II was mandated to take up issues relating to expedited arbitration already at the Commission meeting in New York in 2018. At this time, it was pointed out that the aim of the proposals was to improve the efficiency and quality of arbitral proceedings.

In January 2019, the Working Group engaged in a preliminary discussion on the scope of its work. These discussions will continue in Vienna in September.

In preparing for the September deliberations, the UNCITRAL Secretariat has consulted with several international arbitral institutions, including the SCC, on practice and procedures for expedited arbitration.

The result of the survey is available here

All materials relating to the September meeting of Working Group II are available here


About SCC Expedited Arbitration Rules

The continuous efforts of the SCC to provide innovative, cost and time efficient arbitration to the international business community manifest itself in the revisions of the SCC Rules, the latest came into effect on 1 January 2017.

In an article published on the Kluwer Arbitration Blog, SCC's legal counsel Anja Ipp reviewed the first year with the new rules for expedited arbitration. She highlighted some of the most important changes in the rules. Most notably, the procedure is now "front-loaded," with the request of arbitration also constituting the statement of claim, and the answer constituting the statement of defense. Other innovations that have streamlined the procedure are: shorter time frames and limitations of submissions, no hearings as a general rule, and more.

Read SCC Expedited Arbitration Rules

Anja Ipp's Kluwer Arbitration Blog article

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