The first few months with the SCC Platform

The SCC Platform was launched in September 2019. Since then, 76 cases and roughly 400 users have been registered on the platform.

Since its launch a few month ago, both interest and use of the SCC Platform has surpassed expectations. Most of the cases live on the platform are being accessed daily and we have received almost exclusively positive feedback from the users. To quote a couple of the users, first Emilia Lundberg from Lundberg & Gleiss “One of the things I have appreciated most working with the SCC platform, is the fact that all users have identical case files. A simple thing that enables efficient and transparent arbitration!” or Wendy Miles at Debevoise and Plimpton who upon gaining access to the platform emailed “This is amazing! I wish I could use this for all my cases”.

When launching the platform, there were some aspects we were extra curious to see how they fell out. The platform is mandatory for any communication involving the SCC but only encouraged for communication between the parties and the tribunal after referral. One of the questions we had when launching the platform was to what extent the parties would continue to use the platform also after referral, when it was no longer mandatory. We can see now that the platform continues to be used to a large degree also after referral, showing that the users find real value in the platform. We were further curious about whether all functions would be used, or if only the files functions would be utilized. As it turned out, not only are all functions being regularly used, but we have also seen some new use cases we didn’t even anticipate.

Looking ahead, we are far from finished with the SCC Platform. Launching was just the first step. Various smaller improvements under the hood have already been made, but we do also have some larger in store for next year.

As part of the launch of the platform, the SCC has gone on the SCC World Tour. To date we have made ten stops, with another eight stops already planned for 2020.

If you are one of our 400 users and you have input on how we can make the platform even better, don’t hesitate to reach out to your case administrator.


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