Swedish Arbitration Portal: The Svea Court of Appeal dismisses challenge of arbitral award

Svea Court of Appeal rejects the challenge claim regarding the separate award in an arbitration between a Russian company an a Ukrainian company. Final hearings in the two other cases (T 2826-18 and T 3250-18) between the parties are planned to take place during 2020.

The dispute concerned i.e. claims for payment and claims for invalidity or replacement of certain contractual clauses. The Claimant claimed that the tribunal had committed several procedural errors, and that the arbitral tribunal had exceeded its mandate in its assessment of the parties’ requests as regards the annual contract volume of natural gas.

In its assessment of the separate award at issue, the Svea Court of Appeal concluded that it had not been established that any excess of mandate or procedural error had occurred during the arbitration, and therefore rejected the Claimant’s challenge in its entirety.


Read the decision (Case N:o T 10191-17) here

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