Swedish arbitration in China

The 2019 Beijing Arbitration Summit gathered experts from four continents for an in-depth discussion on a wide range of topics, with SCC Secretary General addressing the large audience on the topic ISDS Reform and Climate Change – Ideas from the Stockholm Treaty Lab.

What if international investment law reform could be used as a vehicle for change and climate change action? This was one of the questions addressed by Annette Magnusson, citing examples from participants in the Stockholm Treaty Lab competition, as well as submissions from states in the reform process currently underway in UNCITRAL Working Group III.

Immediately before the Summit, CIETAC and SCC co-hosted a breakfast on Digitalization in Arbitration together with the Swedish law firm Magnusson. Whether digitalization will transform arbitration or simply offer new tools was one topic targeted in the presentations, followed by a dialogue on what can be enhanced or automated in the arbitration process. It also gave participants an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the SCC Platform.

In addition, the China Arbitration Week saw the gathering of almost 40 arbitral institutions under the umbrella of the Belt & Road Arbitration Institutions Roundtable Forum, and gave Beijing practitioner’s an opportunity to learn more about Swedish arbitration at a training session organized by CIETAC with Magnusson partner Johan Molin as one of the speakers.


SUMMARY of Annette Magnusson’s contribution at the China Arbitration Summit.


Pictures courtesy of CIETAC.

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