Picture of Natalia Petrik (SCC, Legal Counsel),  Linda Fuglsang and Nicolas Martinez (SIHC) and Tove Hanell (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Creative Content Director)

Stockholm International Hearing Center wins Boosting the Capital-prize

Today, June 13, Stockholm International Hearing Center (SIHC) received the Boosting the Capital-prize from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The prize highlights enthusiasts who make the capital region more fun, innovative, inclusive, and outgoing.

The SIHC was awarded the prize for “its continuous work in providing the representatives of companies and states a home away from home when negotiating or disputing. Stockholm International Hearing Center puts Stockholm on the map as one of the world’s leading centres for hearings.”

It’s not the first time the merits of SIHC has been praised, earlier this year the center was lauded in the GAR Hearing Survey and garnered commendations such as the following: “[This] illuminate just how far one city in particular has come in a short space of time. When this survey began, in 2013, Stockholm was identified as one of the places in which it was painful to organise a hearing. Today, it has three central hearing facilities that all operate under the umbrella of the [Stockholm] International Hearing Centre and […] it is arguably the most hearing-friendly city in Europe – possibly the world.”

The SCC congratulates SIHC, and specifically Nicolas Martinez and Linda Fuglsang, the heart and soul behind the SIHC, making it all happen.

Film about the Stockholm International Hearing Center (SIHC)

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