Second Annual Swedish Law Day in Russia

On 5 December 2019 in Moscow, the SAA and the SCC are co-organising the event, that aims to build on and expand the ties between the Swedish and Russian legal community by creating a platform for an open exchange of ideas and experiences.

Sweden is recognised globally for its neutrality, transparency and consistent adherence to the rule of law. Swedish law has provided a neutral, predictable and cost-effective foundation for international trade and commerce. The choice of Swedish law has been, and continues to be common in international contracts involving Russian parties. Over the years, large number of Russia-related contracts have been governed by Swedish law, and as a result, many Russian legal practitioners have become exposed to Swedish law and developed ties with their Swedish counterparts.

The second annual Swedish Law Day is co-organised by the Swedish Arbitration Association (SAA) and the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC). The agenda features renowned legal practitioners from both Sweden and Russia, for example Lise Alm, Ilya Nikiforov, Robin Oldenstam, Carl Hugo Parment, Ulf Hårdeman, Fredrik Norburg, Ginta Ahrel, David Ackebo and Johan Sidklev. “Digitalization and cyber security at the SCC”, “key issues under Swedish substantive law” and “supply agreements under Swedish law” are topics for a panel discussion, presentation and a workshop highlighting important and topical Swedish commercial law issues.

Swedish Law Day is a meeting place for Russian legal practitioners who want to get a better understanding of Swedish commercial law and network with their Swedish counterparts.


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