SCC Vice Chairperson Jakob Ragnwaldh spoke at the “China International Arbitration Summit”

On 12 May 2019, Jakob Ragnwaldh, the SCC Vice Chairperson and partner with Mannheimer Swartling, Hong Kong, spoke at the conference “China International Arbitration Summit”, held in Shanghai, China.

The conference was organized by Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, the SCC, ICC and China Academy of Arbitration Law. The conference was attended by leading scholars and practitioners in the field of international arbitration.

Mr. Ragnwaldh was one of the speakers in the panel discussing “Operational Mechanisms of Arbitration Institutions”, where he made an in-depth presentation about the SCC as an arbitration institution and the role of the SCC Board and the SCC Secretariat in administering arbitration cases. He also gave the closing remarks of the conference, where he recalled the long and close friendship between the SCC and China, and summarised the key points of the recently revised Swedish Arbitration Act.


Pictures provided by China International Arbitration Summit

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