Recently published: ”The Rise of Investor-State Arbitration” book review

In the most recent issue of The Journal of World Investment & Trade the 2018 publication “The Rise of Investor-State Arbitration: Politics, Law, and Unintended Consequences” by Taylor St John is reviewed by SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson.

The book “The Rise of Investor-State Arbitration: Politics, Law, and Unintended Consequences” explores how the legal system of investor-state arbitration was created and is based e.g. on internal documents from governments and extensive interviews.

In the review Annette Magnusson notes that “[n]ot only does [the book] tell the story of how an international system for international dispute resolution was born and gained momentum, but it also provides important insights for anyone involved in shaping policy of the future – be it international investment law or any other area of international collaboration.”

And further; “All in all, Taylor St John gives a very persuasive description of trends and events which led to the widespread use of investor-state arbitration as we know it today.”


Link to the review (non-offprint manuscript)

Link to “The Journal of World Investment & Trade, Volume 20: Issue 4”

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