Program published: A low-carbon society through international law

Welcome to an afternoon seminar that will explore how international law can be used to promote investments for a better climate. The seminar program is now published.

On 16 May 2019, the SCC together with the Haga Initiative organize a seminar that will explore how international law can truly make a difference for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The seminar highlights the importance of international policy that can support cross-border green investments that are critical to the transformation to a low-carbon economy.

After an opening address by the Swedish Ambassador for Climate Change, speakers from the Swedish parliament, financial institution and academia will address issues that hamper investors from scaling up green investments. The seminar also aims to celebrate the conclusion of the first edition of the Stockholm Treaty Lab, and both winners will present their ideas on how a new design of international law can promote and incentivize this type of investments.


The program is now published

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