Nina Lagergren 1921-2019

It is with great sadness that we have been reached by the news that Nina Lagergren has passed away at the age of 98 years.

Nina Lagergren spent a long life in pursuit of the truth about her brother Raoul Wallenberg, but also lived very much in his spirit to make a difference, and to inspire others to do the same. Together with her husband Gunnar Lagergren, a Swedish giant of international dispute resolution, she saw the horrors of war first hand, but also how peaceful resolution of disputes can be achieved even in dire circumstances. She never seemed to lose hope in the potential of kindness and thoughtful optimism, and she certainly practiced it herself.

SCC came to work closely with Nina for the production of the film The Quiet Triumph and the biography about Gunnar Lagergren.  She was well into her 90s when the production began, but an energizing star in front of the camera, recollecting memories and events that made a difference. Nina enjoyed talking about the mission she shared with her husband – to make this world a better place - and generously invited us into her home to learn more about their life together. The warm atmosphere setting the tone for our meetings as she was being supported by members of her family throughout the project was touching and inspiring.

Towards the end of the film Nina says “It is too easy to start wars” in contemplation. As a viewer you can almost sense her personal experiences in this observation. It is a strong moment that stays with you.  

At the film premiere in January 2017 Nina Lagergren was a given star at the red carpet, surrounded by her family. Nina was radiant and appeared to really enjoy the moment. Many of the close to 700 international guests were in awe of just being in the same room as Nina Lagergren. Such was her charisma and her star quality. She was simply deeply admired by a large international community.

To meet and work with Nina Lagergren was a unique privilege for all involved. As she leaves us, we are comforted by the fact that she will continue to inspire.  We know that The Quiet Triumph has become part of the curricula of international law programs at universities across the globe. Nina Lagergren will continue to share her convincing “It is too easy to start wars” with generations to come.

Thank you Nina for making a difference, and for your resilience in continuously putting the spotlight on important values. It remains for everyone you touched to continue working in the spirit of your legacy.


Annette Magnusson

SCC Secretary General


See The Quiet Triumph here

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