New facilities and possibilities for arbitration hearings in Stockholm

Stockholm International Hearing Centre (SIHC) expands and moves into Centralposthuset, only a few steps from Stockholm Central Station, in December 2019.

Centralposthuset, located on Vasagatan 28-34, is a masterpiece from 1903 signed by the famous Swedish architect Ferdinand Boberg. The building comprises 30,000 square meters, of which 3 960 square meters will be available to the SIHC and hearings. With it the SIHC add new facilities on a prime central location, while continuing with their high-quality service, offering everything that is essential for successful meetings as well as the right atmosphere, the food and service that raises the level of the experience and stays with the visitor.

The addition will make Stockholm an even more hearing-friendly city, if possible, since Stockholm and the Stockholm International Hearing Center already did splendid in the 2019 GAR Hearing Survey and garnered commendations such as the following:

“Today, it [Stockholm] has three central hearing facilities that all operate under the umbrella of the Stockholm International Hearing Centre and, as these tables show, it is arguably the most hearing-friendly city in Europe – possibly the world.”


For more information and booking, go to the SIHC website.


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