Liber Amicorum in honour of SCC Chairman Prof. Dr. Kaj Hobér

A collection of essays titled Forward! was presented to Kaj Hobér earlier this month at Uppsala University.

In August 2019 Professor Dr Kaj Hobér retired from his position as Professor of International Investment and Trade Law at the Faculty of Law at Uppsala University. The Liber Amicorum, edited by Eric Bylander, Anna Jonsson Cornell and Jakob Ragnwaldh, with essays written by friends and colleagues pay homage to Kaj Hobér and his work.

As the Editor´s Preface state “Kaj has a lengthy and successful international career in law. His legacy ranges from international commercial and investment treaty arbitration to Russian studies.” and further “generally considered as one of the true greats of his generation [… and] unique in many ways. Few have the ability, strength and motivation to entertain two demanding profession – that of a highly thriving practicing arbitration lawyer and partner, and that of a university professor.”

At the one-day event at Uppsala University where the Liber Amicorum was presented to Kaj Hobér, speakers included Prof William Butler, Joel Dahlquist Cullborg and Eva Storskrubb, as well as SCC Honorary Chairman Ulf Franke who spoke about Kaj’s  important contributions to the development of international arbitration in Sweden.

Ulf Franke and SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson contributed an essay titled “The Emergence of an International Arbitral Institution for the 21st century” to the collection.


Link to the Essay

Link to the Liber Amicorum


Photos from the event

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