Just published: Article by article guide to the SCC Rules

The 2017 SCC Arbitration Rules included a number of noteworthy revisions and innovations as part of the continuous efforts of the SCC to provide innovative, cost and time efficient arbitration. This newly published article by article guide is the first commentary of its kind to the SCC Rules.

The SCC’s current Arbitration Rules, which came into force in 2017, introduced important new mechanisms enhancing the efficiency of the proceedings. This guide addresses the Rules and their Appendices article by article, providing a thorough and user-friendly guidance on the SCC proceedings from start to finish.

The book constitutes a comprehensive overview on how to apply the Arbitration Rules in practice for arbitrators, external counsel and party representatives.

– The publication of this guide to the SCC Rules is very timely, says SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson.

– It is also the first article by article commentary to the SCC Rules for an international audience, and therefore a much sought-after addition to the bibliography on arbitration in Sweden.

The book is written by Jakob Ragnwaldh, Fredrik Andersson and Celeste E. Salinas Quero and published in December 2019 by Kluwer Law International.

– On behalf of the SCC, we are grateful for the time and expertise invested by the authors in conveying their views of the SCC Rules, Annette Magnusson concludes.

– By providing thorough and up-to-date descriptions and analysis, this guide fills an important gap and further enhances the understanding of arbitration in Sweden.


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